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James Weaver

Sr. UX Consultant, Research and Design

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Access to my case studies . Some designs are confidential so it requires a username and password. If you don't already have these credentials reach out to me on my contact form.


James Weaver career and education timeline

I've worked in a variety of software development life cycles throughout my career. This time included waterfall, agile, and continuous discovery/delivery.

In 2019, I led 4 product teams through a process known as continuous discovery. During this period, I accepted a role as manager, leading a team of UX professionals for ScriptHero, a consumer product, until 2022. I transitioned toward management at this time but still managed to do a lot of IC work. I was also the Sr. Designer on 1 of the 4 teams.

Stealth Startup

As a UX Advisor for a Columbus startup, I guide the research, design, and development of user-centric products and interfaces. I work closely with the CEO, other Advisors, and the head of engineering to integrate best practices into the discovery and development process. This ultimately helps their team craft intuitive and engaging user experiences.

Patent Award

During my tenure at Chase, I spearheaded numerous projects with multi-million dollar budgets. Among these stands out a particularly demanding project. The project consisted of the consolidation of 5 applications into 1 and ended in a US Patent.

View the application and patent documentation: System and method for access to safe deposit box

User Advocate

Great experiences don't happen by chance; they happen when you involve your users and review the entire experience from beginning to end -- Someone at Google.

To be an interaction designer you must understand some basic design principles and rules, but to create great user experiences you must understand your user -- Me